Help us Turn our Rags into Riches

The Cornwater Club Charity Shop today launched its Rags to Riches campaign to raise £1000 to support their older people’s activity programme.



The shop on Queen Street, Mansfield, is inviting members of the public and local businesses to bring their ‘rags’; worn out or torn clothing, underwear, shoes, bedding, tablecloths, towels, etc to the shop. The rags are then sold to the local recycling merchant to raise funds.

Currently over 85% of textiles are going to landfill sites, which is environmentally harmful. Of this, more than 90% could be re-cycled and given a new lease of life. These textiles can be reprocessed and used to fill vehicle seats or converted to cloth wipes; some clothing and shoes are sent to Africa  – there are many uses.


Shop Manager Sharon Baum, pictured, said: “The shop currently recycles on average 12 tonnes of rags each year. We are now asking for support from the local community to recycle another three tonnes to help both the environment and raise £1000 for the four-days-a-week older people’s activity programme run by our club. ”


The Cornwater Club, a local charity supported by the shop, aims to offer friendship and stimulation, so helping to reduce the loneliness which many older people experience. The £1000 will be used to introduce new activities including dancing, language courses, photography and many more. The charity hopes to meet its targets by the end of March when it plans to introduce a broader activities programme.

If you would like any further information please telephone Sharon Baum,Shop Manager on 01623 656133

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